spring tulips,

spring officially arrived mar 20 and last week across the country we had warmer than average temperatures, I was sure that spring had arrived. then yesterday Calgary had a storm warning and 10 cm of snow! that I am reminded is spring in Calgary.  the flowers and spring bulbs are not yet out of the ground, I was desperate and went to the garden center and purchased a pot to brighten up the window sill I hope you enjoy spring and the tulips as much as I do.


8 thoughts on “spring tulips,

  1. Great Picture! Just been working on my garden as well. Planted some tulips and daffodils and a few other plants. I’m loving spring being here!


    1. thanks Vina, I am glad you like the photo, and that you took time to comment, it is always nice to get feedback. it will be a while before we can work on our gardens, that is why i was at the garden center buying bulbs in a pot! we had more snow yesterday and i so want it to be spring!


  2. It is still early Spring here and significantly wet and cold. So, blooming flowers like your image are many weeks awhile. However, my wife is always purchasing fresh flowers for the house, just like these, a few days ago. Wow, the aroma in the house!

    Thanks for the image.


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