Spring Tulips,

More spring tulips from the Innsifail Gowers both at the Calgary Farmer’s Market.  A great place to support local producers.

I had set up a high key light table to photograph the flowers, I like the soft delicate colours of the flowers, they are a lovely way to brighten up the dining room table!

Happy Monday to you.


Photoblog Challenge Subject “Leaf”

I have been participating in the photoblog challenges for quite some time now;  mostly because I have an image on the blog that fits the criteria.  However this week’s creative project was “leaf” with nothing in the data base and fresh parsley growing in the herb garden I decided to take up the challenge to produce something specific for the challenge.

I love having fresh herbs growing in the window, all winter long.  We have had mint and rosemary and oregano for a couple of years now. This is the first year the parsley has done very well, it usually gets spider mites and I have to throw it out!  This year I also grew sage, thyme, and basil.

We like to use the fresh herbs in omelettes, pasta, potatoes, pizza, and just recently we made rosemary dumplings on top of the lamb stew.  Slowly are garden is expanding!

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Jakesprinter is an illustrator I have been following for sometime now, each sunday he posts a photochallenge; this week “shelter” is the them – check out his great illustrations and other great photos.

Blue Glass Paperweight

The photo group I belong to was going on a  photo walk  last night, the rain dampened by enthusiasm for the project! So rather than going for out in the rain I decided to stay home.  I have the gorgeous glass paperweight, that I thought would make some interesting macro photographs.  So many little glass bubbles, swirls of color, set on a light table, with high key lighting it makes a beauiful abstract image.

jmeyersforeman photography

Roberto at Prince’s Island Park,

Roberto, is a member of the Calgary Passionate Photography Meet-up Group, we were out at Princess Island Park on the weekend.  An opportunity to meet others that are interested in Photography, to practise and possible learn a little!  Roberto has been a member of the group since Feb 2012, and according to his members page new to photography.  Welcome to the group Roberto I hope you had a great Sunday with the group!

Tulips, from the Innisfail Grower, Calgary Farmers Market

yellow, orange, peach 
standing near the window
lovely tulips 
The Calgary Farmer’s Market has so many wonderful vendors. We picked these tulips up from the Innifail Grower’s. Delicate yellow and peach colored flowers, bundles of tulips sitting in a bucket of water calling out to me to take them home. They do a beautiful job bringing color and spring to my kitchen.
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Chantilly Creme filled Cream Puffs from Cruffs, Pure Deaminess!

We were at the Calgary Farmer’s Market and found that Cruff’s has opened a location, and a trip to the farmer’s market will never be the same, as theses could become a favorite indulgence. First you pick your shell, and there are lots of different toppings, candies, nuts, icing, chocolate and several combinations of those; then pick your filling –  Chantilly Cream, Hazelnut Chocolate, Strawberry, Coconut, Baileys are just a few of the fillings, and then a  friendly staff member will fill your cream puff, there is almost an endless variety, which can be a problem for the waistline!.  Give them a try, you won’t regret a little indugence!

Spring Crocus, Nose Hill Park, Calgary Alberta

I went for a walk late yesterday afternoon, on Nose Hill Park, and much to my surprise the crocuses were blooming.  I thought for sure that I would have missed them, that they would have bloomed by now and be all gone.  But there were lots of the little flower with the delicate purple petals blowing in the wind. There had been a grass fire on the hill not too long ago so they were easy to spot, and needless to say I came home covered in charcoal and smelling like a fire, as I had to get right down on the ground to get the sun behind the flowers. Finally I can say spring has arrived.

Calgary Folk Guitarist, Dan

One more portrait from the house concert I attended a couple of weeks ago.  Dan was accompanying Dean Clark, during the first set, before Andrew and Zackery Smith played.  I can going to have to learn how to take notes!  I didn’t get Dan’s last name.  All in all it was a great night and I am already looking forward to the next house concert.

My Guitar……..

my guitar has six strings,
it gets lonely when nobody sings,
musical and magical…….Jose Murguia

I don’t have a guitar, and I don’t have a musical bone in my body. People pay not to hear me sing, I am so bad! Can’t carry a tune in a paperbag, so they say. I wish it was different by it isn’t. This picture was taken at the house concert we attended a couple of weeks ago.They were sitting so patiently between sets! The two guitars are sitting on a stand that holds three guitars, so together like this it almost looks like a reflection.   I hope you have time to enjoy the music today.