Pink Roses

Spring Haiku – dreaming of spring; small pink alberta roses; everywhere….soon

while this photo was taken last year when the roses were blooming, the weather in Calgary has been nice enough to think it won’t be long before the roses will be blooming again.

Prints are available on Society6


6 thoughts on “Pink Roses

    1. hi Rick, I think the last time you had a question it was about processing of an image. I shoot with Canon gear, and had to go back to the metadata to figure out what i was using at the time! canon dos 5d, 70-200 L series, 1/180 @ f5.6. While I am a bit of a geek when it comes to acquiring toys, I mean tools, and I know what I want to achieve when I am shooting, I don’t really give it a lot of thought in the aftermath! there was no tripod, so I did break the cardinal rule of shooting slower than the focal length of the lens, but I think it works.


    1. hi md, thanks for visiting and taking time to comment – my wish for you – that you break one photographic rule this week! it won’t always be good, but when it is it is worth it!


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