Dr. Sun Yat Sen Window


At the Sun Yat Sen Chinese Gardens in Vancouver,  you will find garden walls and pavilions with beautiful screened windows.  Inside the pavilion you will find, artifacts, paintings and  displays that beautifully provide a glimpse into another culture. Here a mountain, inside beside a window looking out, as the room was dark it was difficult to show both the mountain and the exterior garden.  I have both the colour and the black and white photo side by side because I can’t decide which one I like best.

The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chines Garden has been selected as one of Canada’s greatest places and is the first garden in the Ming Dynasty created outside of China, You can read the full article on line by clicking the link below.


14 thoughts on “Dr. Sun Yat Sen Window

  1. First of all Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden looks like a really nice place – no wonder it’s up for a Great Places award. Secondly you have managed to capture the magic in this picture of a window frame. The window with the rock is is beautiful but what brings depth to the picture is the glimpse of the garden behind which melts lovely together with the rock in the foreground. I think I prefer the colour version. It’s still almost monochromatic, but the touch of colour in the garden and the rock in front, makes them come more forward and thus enhances the importance in the picture.


    1. thank-you for your kind words, I am inclinded to agree with you on the color photo, if get to Vancouver BC, I would recommend a visit to the garden, it is a beautiful santuary in a busy city!.


      1. I had actually planned to go to Vancouver in May to run the marathon, but unfortunately it was already sold out before I got to it. So next time, whenever that will be…


  2. I love the gardens yet forget about them when I’m in Vancouver, thanks for the reminder. I love the colour version. The subtle colour adds an incredible depth to the photo.


    1. Thanks Hiro, your feedback is valuable to me. this is a good example of perfect little still life vinette’s that exist all around us, that we don’t don’t always see, or take time to appreciate.


    1. Thanks Rick, this is a great place for picture taking, or for contemplation! Thanks for taking time to comment, and weighing in on the color vs. black and white dilema, it is nice to hear from you,


  3. Both look great. But I love the colour one… At first glance it looks almost black and white, then you notice a subtle pop of colour from the garden outside the window


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