My Guitar……..

my guitar has six strings,
it gets lonely when nobody sings,
musical and magical…….Jose Murguia

I don’t have a guitar, and I don’t have a musical bone in my body. People pay not to hear me sing, I am so bad! Can’t carry a tune in a paperbag, so they say. I wish it was different by it isn’t. This picture was taken at the house concert we attended a couple of weeks ago.They were sitting so patiently between sets! The two guitars are sitting on a stand that holds three guitars, so together like this it almost looks like a reflection.   I hope you have time to enjoy the music today.


4 thoughts on “My Guitar……..

    1. Hi Mdphotographers, I am glad you like the photo, although there is no reflection – it is two guitars sitting together! the way it is cropped it is hard/impossible to tell, that is one of the things I like about it! thanks for visiting and for taking time to comment.


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