camera collection

I have had the light table set up with a high key lighting for a while experimenting with the light. I think I am just about done with it now, I will have to try something new soon. Here is a small sample of my camera collection. Three of these are old brownies, three of the cameras my mother gave me, they are not the same three!

The camera on the far left is a baby brownie that my grandmother had as a young mother. The next camer is a Brownie Hawkeye that belonged to my mother-in-law, and was given to me after she passed away. It had not been used in years I cleaned it up, and have shot a couple of rolls of film it’s beautiful.  The other two camers were gifts, my mother loves garage sales, and occassionally she comes across something she know I would love to put on the shelf. I don’t know how she does it!

Listed on Jakesprinter’s Sunday Challenge: Collection I recommend you check out all the other collections!

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14 thoughts on “camera collection

    1. hi vivian, thanks, on second thought it seems to me that I should have covered the “stands” with a white cloth, so they were less obvious! but it works. thanks for visiting and thanks for the pingback!


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