Watching the penguins, at the Calgary zoo,

The young children are completely mesmerized by the penguins at the zoo, so they stand quiet enough to get a great picture and include their reflection. I think the penguins love the attention, they stand on the ledges and seem to call out to the kids, make great dives into the water, and swim by close to the window where the children are standing. All this to the great delight of not only the children, but  the parents and adults who are watching the delight!


Connor, cutest face at the zoo!

while we were visiting the zoo I was hanging back a little – trying to get a group shot of all the kids walking together, Connor was having none of it, he was checking back to make sure I was keeping up! just the cutest little face at the zoo that moment. I can’t say he was absolutely the cutest face, because while I was with the family I managed to catch each of the kids at sometime looking absolutely adorable. Tuesday was one of the best days in quite some time.  I am still smiling when I think about it!

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visiting the zoo

I was invited to the zoo with Jen, Pat and the kids, they were hoping to get some picture of the kids.

So dispute the rain warning for Tuesday,  we headed off the see the animals.

I had a great day! I had forgotten how much fun the zoo was, especially when travelling with four little ones. My stamina was a great match, for the smallest of the kids; after a couple of hours we were ready to head home for lunch and a nap!

I think the best part was the penguins. There were lots of animals we didn’t get to see, maybe I will get invited to travel along with them again!


Bath Abbey, Bath England

Bath Abbey, considered one of the largest examples of Perpendicular Gothic architecture in southwest England. We visited a couple of years ago, and I was struck by the height of the column, the large stain glass window at the end of the of the tall clerestory, and the beautiful vaulted ceiling with fan-shaped columns.

Formerly a Benedictine monastery founded in the 7th century, it later became an Anglian parish church, it was rebuilt in the 12 century and restored in the 16th century. It is amazing to see such beautiful architecture, repeatedly restored and cared for over the centuries, and through the generations.  Coming from Calgary Canada where everything is new, or if it isn’t new it is tore down to make way for new, it is stunning to sit in such a building an image the people that built or work on it or passed through it’s doors, and the changes in the world that have happened while it has been standing.

jmeyersforeman photography

Totem Park at the Capilano Suspension Bridge


The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in Vancouver has so many great sites besides the 230 foot high 450 meter long suspension bridge, among the sites is Totem Park. in the 1930’s Mac MacEachran invited local First Nations to place their story poles in the park. According the their website the totem poles are maintained in the exact condition in which they are received.

This face was at the bottom of one of the great poles, watching the tourist, and waiting to be discovered, well at least that is what it looked like to me! I had been to visit the park as a child and remembered the walk across the bridge, but since that time so many features have been added, including a cliff walk, and the rainforest exhibition. I would recommend a visit, it is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon.

this and other photos are available at jmeyersforeman photography 

Figure and form; an experiment with light, shape and texture

I have been experimenting with figure and form, shape and light; here my lady is standing in front of a sheet of thin white paper, with the light behind her. during processing I added a textured rock layer.

Where ever I go I will shoot small detail pictures of stone walls, bricks, stucco, anything that could be an interesting texured layer and can be added to photos.

I am interested in your thoughts on my experiment, your comments would be appreciated.

this and other photos are available at jmeyersforeman photography.

Submitted for the UE’s Weekend photochallenge “brick”  Not sure how it will be interpreted, or accepted as brick work, what do you think?

foothills orchid society, june 24, 2012, Calgary Alberta

I went to the foothills orchid society show at the triwood community center on Sunday with a friend, the flowers were spectacular, the arrangements and groups gorgeous. I managed a few great shots using the canon 100 macro lens, a great lens for this type of work.  Unfortunately I don’t remember the names,  I guess I will have to spend some time on the internet searching them out, for now enjoy the photos.

Curious George, A Pretty Grey Pony from Bruckless Donegal, Ireland

We meet Curious George when we visited Ireland a couple of years ago.  A beautiful grey pony that visited with us every morning, poking his nose over the fence to see if we had anything to feed him!  I have been playing with textures and grain on photos.  Textures from Kim Klassen’s Cafe, she has several wonderful collections, and e-courses.

I have several projects I want to work on, just finding myself pulled in several directions and a little disorganized to get any shooting in this week! I am aim for the weekend with my camera! Below are to previous images/posts that were processed using textures from Kim Klassen’s collection. I love her work, and her blog.

Winning by a nose at Hastings Park, Vancouver BC

Last time we were in Vancouver we went to Hastings Park, with some family and friends, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. We had a great spot along the rail, close to the finish line. A race finish that is so close is not uncommon, to catch it on camera while panning shear luck, at least for me!  I have to say that I wasn’t that lucky picking the winning horse!

Baby Zack, black and white baby portraits

It has been a while since Zack was over for a visit, and I must apologize for not showing off more of the photos that were taken the evening he visited with Kim and Jon. I can’t believe how much he has changed since his birth a little more that 3 months ago. He has such a wonderful face, and great expressions!

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