The coast of Ireland, Dingle Peninsula

The coast of Ireland is beautiful, one might say that I am all over the map these days, figuratively not physically. I have been going through old files checking key words, and filing of images. Reliving old memories.  As I said the coast of Ireland is beautiful, we were lucky, the few days we spent in the Dingle area the sun was shinning, and it seemed to us the country side was almost vacant, hardly anyone around. I guess it helps to be there in late September, “shoulder season” for most tourists.  Driving on the narrow windy roads, like the one you see here was easier with less traffic, and not a tourist bus in sight.

It was a bright clear day, and without a graduated neutral density filter I had to make a choice – get detail in the sky or in the coastline.  I choose to capture the detail in the rocky coastline.  I have a habit of travelling light, and there are times my photos suffer for this! Since this photo was taken I have started to carry some of the filters with me and I am learning to utilize them with some success.


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