Water and Rocks, Motion Movement and Contemplation

there are times when you need to let go of everything and to contemplate….  Water Poon 

While in Vancouver we had time to visit the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden again, as I have said before it is a favorite place to spend a quiet morning.  The cultural center was hosting a display of the art, and poetry of Water Poon.   This image reminds me of his words, and I find it easy to sit quite, at least for a few minutes when I can watch the waves wash around the rocks, there is something in the quiet motion that is almost hypnotizing, that allows me to let go a find the stillness. The light and shadows across the water, ripples of waves. This image was taken using a slow shutter speed, blurring the water and emphasizing the light and shadows of the waves. 

While it isn’t quite as good as sitting by the sea for a quite moment, I can now look at the photo and be reminded of the moments we had by the sea, and of  Water Poon’s words.




2 thoughts on “Water and Rocks, Motion Movement and Contemplation

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