Calgary Stampede. Western Photo Gallery

Monday a group of us from the Calgary Stampede, Western Photo Gallery Committee were down at the BMO building, we met with the photographers and began setting up the 2012 Photo Gallery.

Photographers include:  Brad Allen, Ariel Arrieta, Paula Barrinton, Ken Cornett, Jeff Cruz, Joe Desjardins, Patricia Hart Grondin, Ryan Hellard, John Hoskins, Karen Kane, Don Kesler, Michele King, Hiro Kobayashi, Tara Lowry, Angus Macgillivary, Sheen MacLean, Dawna Warren, Matt Skretting, Courtney Todd, Angela Waite, Jonathan Zablonski, Andre Millar, Brad Orr, David Richeson, Wayne Simpson, David Lynnes, Cody Tritter, Christopher Martin and Stewart McLeish (gosh I hope I didn’t miss anyone!)

The subject matter and how it is handled as diverse as the photographers themselves; everything from horses and stage coaches, big cats and little cats, ranching images, and first nations images, grizzly bears and wolves,of course western landscapes and even one double rainbow. Something for everyone. We hope to see you at the Western Photo Gallery, during the Calgary Stampede.


8 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede. Western Photo Gallery

  1. Thank you for mentioning, Janice. I found many new names this year. I am looking forward to seeing the new people and make freinds, like you.


    1. Hi Hiro, I am looking forward to catching up with those who have participated in the western photo gallery before and meeting those who are new this year – it is going to be a great show! see you there!!!


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