Jillian, High-key portrait of a blue eyed girl

High Key portrait, Calgary Portrait Photography

high key portraits, calgary portrait photography

Thursday Morning, it has been a busy week in Calgary with all the different Stampede events going on, I have been, like most people taking lots of photos and slowly working my way through the images on file.  I thought I would brighten your day with another of Jillian’s photos taken last weekend.

Everyone in Calgary, or who has been to Calgary during the Stampede will know that this isn’t a week for work, it is a week to enjoy, see the sights and “socialize” and have some fun.

As a volunteer at the Western Photo Gallery this week is even busier than normal.  We are having a great year down at the grounds, Monday I was at the rodeo with the girls. I will be working a shift at the Western Photo Gallery on Friday afternoon if you want to come by for a visit. Saturday I am going down to wander the barns, take in some rides, and eat my way around the midway, apparently there is lots of food choices!  hope to see you down at the grounds.

I hope you are having a great week.


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