blowing bubbles at prince’s island park

blonde girl blowing bubbles in the park
playing, and blowing bubbles at the park

I spend last night at Prince’s Island Park, with Lindsay, Jordan and their two children, playing, running around, blowing bubbles and taking family photos. when there are little ones in the “picture” it is quite often easier to be outside, and mixed up the time with photos and play time. To be honest, the playtime often results in some of the best photos. Here is a series one just one bubble that blown last night.


5 thoughts on “blowing bubbles at prince’s island park

  1. I have always found it hard to get a good shot with a bubble…and you have ALL these. You know it was here that I learned something new. The way you have the series layed out. I had never done that before so I went looking to find out how you do it. Thanks for teaching me a new skill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. thanks Jo, it’s great that we learn by watching others grow and try different things, I had never tried a vertical series before, but it made sense for this series! glad you like it!


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