Baby Zak, #1 Calgary Flames Fan

Baby Zak, #1 Calgary Flames Fan

Baby Zak, #1 Calgary Flames Fan

Zak, #1 Calgary Flames Fan! I know there are a lot of really great Calgary Flames Fans out there but Zak, has been wearing a flames jersey since he was about 2 days old, and I am guessing he has been to more games than I have.  I owe Kim, Jon and Zak a big apology, I have been slow on getting their images processed. That will be rectified this weekend. My goal this week is to get all caught up on the photos, there is much to do!

Zak has the cutest face, I smile the whole time while working on his photos, I may have to print and post one above my computer, having his smiling face about the monitor cheering me on would be a big help.


2 thoughts on “Baby Zak, #1 Calgary Flames Fan

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