False Creek, Vancouver BC, reflections of high rise towers at sunset.

water reflections, false creek vancouver bc, at sunset
Water Reflections False Creek Vancouver BC, motion and zooming.

I have been concentrating on portraits for a while, and trying to get caught up processing all the portraits sessions I have been doing, so today I thought I would spend a couple of minutes and bring you something a little different.  A couple of months ago we were visiting Vancouver BC, staying in an apartment booked through VROB (vacation rentals by owner) a great site I highly recommend. One evening we went down for a short walk and to watch the sunset. I wanted to take some long exposures of the water and rocks. After using several different exposure lengths to  see the effects the different times had on the water, I decided to do a few shots zooming my telephoto lens while the shutter was open.

Here you can see the high-rise buildings of downtown Vancouver, with the sunset behind, their reflection on the water. It has a smoky fire effect, rather than water and reflection.  In the bottom of the frame you can see how the rocks have change position, both from right to left and in a vertical line pointing into the frame.  you can see my original image Water and Rocks


17 thoughts on “False Creek, Vancouver BC, reflections of high rise towers at sunset.

  1. I really had to think what was going on in this image. I like images making me think. Surrel! and so original, but still I can see Janice’s taste.


  2. I’m getting some good ideas from all these weekly photo challenges; Lord willing, it will help me do better on my own photography attempts. Love this shot – very different from most I’ve looked at so far.


    1. I have been on the road since friday, no time to stop, and no internet, 24hrs or more on the road – so just exhausted, but will check out your blog shortly.
      thanks for visiting and taking time to comment.


  3. a great image of one of my favourite spots in town – and so is the original as well, by the way. but there is something magical about this one. and in the foreground the rocks have transformed into a floating bottle – perhaps there is a message from far away? thanks for sharing 🙂
    sounds like you had a great time. the weather has changed now to much cooler, so you planned your trip well 🙂


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