Jillian: high-key black and white portrait

Jillian: high-key black and white portrait
Jillian: high-key black and white portrait, Calgary Portraits

Jillian was at the studio a couple of weeks ago now, I am slowly getting caught up on processing the images taken over the month of July! I recently purchased Nik Software, and while it is reasonably intuitive to use, and came with a a book by Tony Corbell and Joshua Haftel.  I have to admit that this has probably slowed me down a little, as I experiment and play, and I am not sure I am using the programs to their fullest advantage, that will come with time.


10 thoughts on “Jillian: high-key black and white portrait

  1. Great high-key portrait. I feel it is about time to try Nik software. I am wondering how speed up my process compared to LR. Please keep posting updates.


    1. Hi Naomi, glad you like it, I shot the image as a high-key lots of white, lots of light! and the processes it with silver effects pro nik software. I purchased it recently and have been experimenting, and playing!


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