Rocky Reflection, Stanley Park Vancouver BC

Rocky Reflection_Stanley Park_Vancouver BC_in Black and White

Vancouver BC is a beautiful city to visit, and Stanley Park a favourite attraction of those visiting the city. This photo taken during one of our early morning walks while visiting the city last May. It was a little cool, and a little rainy, the pond was still and the light perfect for reflections.


Jeff and JoAnna’s wedding day battle!

water fight on wedding day
Jeff and JoAnna’s wedding day battle

The title might have been a little misleading, but even a water fight is a little unexpected on the typical wedding day! They had fun, and my camera gear stayed dry, two very important points.  This had to have been the most fun I have had at a wedding in a very long time.

My wish for Jeff and JoAnna, may all their battles/fights be this much fun.

Joanna and Jeff, Thank-you

Joanna is a wonderful photographer, and designer, here she has taken two of our favourite photos and created a beautiful thank-you card. As a photographer her work features landscapes, wildlife, rodeo and ranching subject. check out her work at Joanna Lynn Photography 

Four Jacks Casino, Jackpot Nevada, Photoblog word challenge


the Photoblog Creative Photo Challenge this week is “words”  The photo must to contain at least one word for the challenge, so I went digging through the archives and found this from my trip to Yuma a couple of years ago.  I noticed the dark foreboding sky and took it as a sign of my luck at the card table.  Really I am not much of a gambler, I usually go and watch others loose their money.

You can see other creative “word” photos at the Photoblog Challenge website.

JoAnna and Jeff, a quiet time after the wedding

JoAnna and Jeff, enjoying a quiet moment after the wedding…..

Jeff and JoAnna enjoy a quiet moment after the wedding ceremony.  Earlier in the day it looked like it might rain, but the afternoon was beautiful and warm, a little breezy, but no mosquitos! It was a beautiful day for a wedding. The bridge is too high to actually dangle your feet in the water, but it is a nice place to sit. The kids were close by watching and waiting, you can see the shadows on the left.


Inch Strand, Ireland, a sandy 3 mile long beach in Ireland

sandy beach, county Kerry,
Inch Strand, a sandy beach in County Kerry

Along with getting the wedding photos done, I spend a little time each day archiving old photos, and reliving old memories! Today I visited Ireland again, Inch Strand is three miles of sandy beach, so I don’t understand the name.  I guess I will have to do some internet research to learn the story behind the name.  We were there in October a number of years ago, so it wasn’t very busy, maybe someday I will get back to spend sometime in the summer, and to watch the surfers.

JoAnna and Jeff, up the creek after the wedding!

JoAnna and Jeff, up the creek after the wedding, aug 3, 2012

Sorry I couldn’t resist the title…..

I was lucky to meet JoAnna through a mutual friend and fellow photographer.  JoAnna and Jeff were married on Aug 3, 2012 and they asked if I would photograph the wedding. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet their families, and to spend the day with them. I am hoping to get all the photos done this week.  I have to say this is one of my favourite photos.

sillouette in stone 2

Back in June I worked with a young lady to create “figure and form”, and wanted to try the same process with a male figure.

While the lady was a soft shadow, I choose the harder more defined lines for the male subject.  Here you can see some details in his face, and I used a darker grungier rock texture.  So the two images while following the same process look quite different.  Let me know what you think.

Fishing boat, waiting near the shore, Bruckless Ireland

blue fishing at rest on the shore, Ireland
fishing boat waiting near the shore, Ireland.

I was going through some of my older files looking for a beach photo when I came across the photos from our trip to Ireland. Just down from the cottage we rented, through the pasture was a little inlet. Mornings were a great time to go for a walk, say good morning to the horses in the pasture and watch the sunrise. The old fishing boat anchored, a beautiful reflection in the calm water, given the cloudy grey sky and the rain that followed it is likely that the boat sat quietly floating in this spot unused.

Colour prints are available on Society6

Travis, in Black and White

I worked with Travis a couple of weeks ago, and with all that has been going on, the blog has been fairly silent, and few photos have been posted.  I am getting caught up on projects, and I am hoping to be more consisitent with blogging.

While I use different spaces in my home as a studio, in some cases downstairs where I can control the light, in other areas I will use a mixture of natural light and flash, depending on the type of portrait we want.  I say we because portrait photography is always a collaboration.  I also do portait sessions in peoples homes, workplaces and outdoors, again since this is a collaborative process there is always a consideration for the outcome people are looking for.

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