Left Behind, Abandoned in Central Alberta

Left Behind, Abandoned Barn in Central Alberta

I was out last week with Dean Clark, inspecting a roof near Linden for a hail claim. We had worked together and talked before; he had spent a few formative years living in the area.  The Farm where he grew up wasn’t far from where we were, and  no one had lived in the house since his family had left, “the old farm-house, barn and out buildings were still standing, sort of!”

After the work part of our morning, and a brief stop for lunch we decided to stopped at the old farm-yard. The view from the road blocked by overgrown Caragana, we parked the truck and walked back through the field around the shrubs, and wandered around through the buildings, sharing stories of growing up, and life on the farm. The stories were familiar! I grew up in rural Saskatchewan, during the same time, we were practically neighbours, if not by locale then at least by circumstance and background.

In the barn, we found this old wagon, long forgotten. Light pouring in from the doors at each end of the barn, old textured wood, rusted metal, junk piled up in the old horse stalls. The visit there reminded be of my childhood, and wandering around some of the old and abandoned homesteads close to home, yes we went upstairs in the barn, just I would have done with my brothers, leaving no corner un-inspected. It was quite a visit.


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