Saturday, and Jillian in the Garden

Jillian in the garden, Saturaday portraits, Calgary Alberta

More portraits from my session with Jillian a couple of weeks ago.  The photos taken in the garden a couple of weeks ago. I use the term “garden” for my backyard loosely, those of you who have been to the house will understand.  We have the back deck which is rather small, the arbour acts as a gate, as you step down off the deck you are in the yard, really the green space for our area, and it is open to the street.  There are some mature trees, but once you leave the deck there is no pretty flowers, and while the area works great for portraits, there is no real garden.

Jillian was wearing a beautiful red dress, that in black and white contrasts nicely with the green arbour. The sun to her left just peaking through the arbour was beautiful, a small fill light was added to brighten her eyes. She is the perfect girl next door!


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