Leaving Pamplona Spain, Sept 14, 2012

Stone Bridge at the University of Pamplona, Sept 14, 2012 8 am 

We left Pamplona about 8 am this morning, most of my photos are still in camera!

This was taken early this morning as we walked the Camino through the university of Pamplona.  Today was not as tough as some of our days have been. We have lightened our bags, somewhat, the temperatures were a little cooler, mostly due to the breeze.  We had one steep climb, more of a constant climb, over about 6 kilometres we gained approximently 310 meters, then once we reached the peak of Alto de Perdon the trail descended 250 meters to Uterga, and we arrived in Punte la Reina about 3 pm and promptly crawled into bed for a nap! after an hour or so we were able to muster the strength to have a shower and head to town for a short tour, tapas and dinner.

the map and itinerary shows tomorrow to be about the same distance 22k but flat! wish us luck!


7 thoughts on “Leaving Pamplona Spain, Sept 14, 2012

  1. The part about lightening your bags got me thinking … at some point on your journey, I hope you’ll share some packing tips for aspiring pilgrims. I wonder what equipment will be essential, and what you will learn to do without. Buen camino!


    1. I will try at some point in the future to share what we have learned about packing, but as we are only one week into our journey it might be presumptuous to think we have learned a lot. I can say this, don’t take anything extra….. but what is extra for me, like a day pack might be essential for you. for me my DSLR and lenses are essential, many pilgrims think I have lost my mind.


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