Puente la Reina to Estella Spain, Day 9 of our Camino (since we left Calgary)

Stork leaving nest_Puente la Reina

As we were walking throught Puente la Reina Spain, about 7:30 am on Sept 15, 2012 we  spotted the stork sitting on his nest, seemingly watching the sun rise! just as the shutter was snapped, the bird took off….. He too was beginning another day as we were

Calle Mayor, Puente la Reina at sunrise, Sept 15, 2012,
restored medieval bridge, Lorca Spain

today was hot, we travelled 23 k in about 7 hours from Puente la Reina to Estella. the country side is beautiful farm land. The crops have been harvested, while the grapes still hang on the vine and olives still in the trees.  According to the guide map our journey took us over some of the best preserved Roman Road on the Camino. It is staggering to think how long some of those rocks have been there, and how many feet have tread over them. It is not easy walking, the stones are hard on the soles of your feet. Good solid shoes are essential.

Tired and a little sore we arrived in Estella and found a place to sleep about 3pm and napped until 5. after that we did our laundry, found the grocery store, and had some wonderful tapas at one of the restaurants in the town square.  Dinner is not served until after 8:30 which is late for pilgrims who want to be on the road by 7am, so dinner can be a challenge. Some Albergues as set up to accommodate this, for others you are left to your own devices.

A little tired and sore, all in all it was a pretty good day. Tomorrow, is suppose to be hotter yet, one steep climb, and one steep decent, and I am sure lots of hills as well for a total of 21.1k.  I think we are getting fitter!


6 thoughts on “Puente la Reina to Estella Spain, Day 9 of our Camino (since we left Calgary)

  1. We are loving getting your posts, thank you. You will get better at using your bodies differently as long as you get rest and food when you need it. Glad to hear you are napping before supper. Are you and Bill sleeping well at night and are you eating when you get up. I’m guessing the answer is yes. We are right beside you.


    1. Hi Reg and Mavis, we are sleeping in Pensions or Albergues with private rooms, so only one snorer to worry about! so yes we are sleeping well, and food is good, so we are eating well. We also have a protein shake in the morning about 10:00 and a multi vitamin I am sure that is helping!


    1. Hi Matt nice to hear from you, your dad grabbed this one! it was dark and we had to rest the camera on the cement wall to hold it still, I couldn’t get up that high, but he could! It is a great picture.


  2. Great to see you progressing along so well – love the pictures – keep those feet a walking. Left your place – all is well – visited with Anna one eveining, Now in Brooks – Will DRIVE NOT WALK to Sask tomorrow.


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