Hola from Burgos Spain, Day 17 Calgary to Santiago de Compostella

Camino Mural, Belorado Spain, painted camino scallop shell,

Day 14, our journey found us travelling to Belorado, about 24 k under cloudy skies, the mist hung in the air, warm about 18C it felt like it would rain. About noon the skies cleared temperatures quickly reached mid 20’s C. during our final hour or walking.

We arrived in Belorado about 2:30 pm and found the Pension Verdeancho where we had made a reservation.  It was a lovely stone building, log beams in the ceiling, and a lovely veranda out front.  The best part – the softest bed we have slept in since leaving home!  On the camino simple pleasures like a comfortable bed and a good nights sleep become important. I realize as I type this that a good night sleep is always important, but I am lucky and at home it is a common occurrence. So common I have taken it for granted, until now!

Belorado Spain is a quaint little town, some of the buildings are closed up, some have fallen in to disrepair, but the central plaza was a hive of activity in the early evening as we sat at one of the out-door cafes and had dinner. I say early evening, because on the camino Bill and I are often sound asleep by 9:30 or 10 pm, as our morning walk starts about 7 – 7:30 am, and with 20 – 25 kilometres to travel sleep is essential.

Day 15, September 22 we left Belorado and once again we missed a camino marker, once again we had not travelled very far when someone called out to us, turned us around, and sent us on in the right direction! Once on the correct path out-of-town we travelled past several walls that had been painted with camino murals, we had seen some murals before, not as many in one spot before, or as elaborate as those in Belorado.

Camino Mural, Belorado Spain,

From Bolorado we walked through past several villages, stopping once for coffee, then up into the pine forest, to San Juan de Ortega. 23.6 k   While most days we carry lunch with us, today it was essential, there is a 12k stretch through the forest with only a picnic area to rest at.  A long, hilly, forest truck road, very quiet place to walk.

San Juan de Ortega is a very small community of about 20 people, is dominated by the church and the monastery. We pick, or I should say, we happened into San Juan Ortega on a very interesting day, September 22, the fall solstice each year a ray of sunlight enters the church at twilight, a tiny beam of light  illuminating the Annunciation of Virgin Mary, sculpted in stone at the top of the pillar. People for all over travel to the church this day, several tour buses arrived, and the plaza filled with people.

Yesterday Sept 23, 2012, day 16, we walked into Burgos Spain. We have travelled about 286 kilometres, 15 days. For the most part the weather has been good, people have been friendly and helpful, and we are enjoying the trip. today, day 17, Sept 24, 2012 we are taking a day off to see the attractions of Burgos.

Tired Pilgrim, Camino Murals, Cardenuela Riopico Spain

Buen Camino.


12 thoughts on “Hola from Burgos Spain, Day 17 Calgary to Santiago de Compostella

  1. Sound like you two are settling in nicely. Appreciation of simple things like food, weather and good sleep is easier as you unclutter your day and focus. Sound like an awesome experience so far.


  2. Loved reading and seeing your pictures again. I have been recently learning about photo journals in a photography class I am taking. This is an excellent example for me to strive for…some day.


    1. thanks Jan. it has been such a busy summer I am going back through images and blog posts to keep the blog active. On the plus side we are planning another camino, Mar 2014 we hope to be walking the Via de Plata from Seville to Santiago. So hopefully we will have many new stories and photos for everyone!


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