Burgos Spain


we spent yesterday wondering the pedestrian streets of Burgos, and to visit the Burgos Cathedral. A Gothic Cathedral with many revisions, redesigned and expansions. The details are amazing.  I got a creak in my neck from looking up at the beautiful vaulted arches, doomed ceilings, and relief sculpture and paintings. Here are a few details I captured

Early evening, and the setting sun shining on the Burgos Cathedral, Burgos Spain
cherub faces, one small part of a beautiful painting, Burgos Cathedral
Madonna and child_relief sculpture Burgos Cathedral
Madonna ad child, relief sculpture, Burgos Cathedral
Painted doorway, Burgos Cathedral
doomed ceiling, Burgos Cathedral, Burgos Spain



10 thoughts on “Burgos Spain

    1. the doorways was quite lovely, and it was placed in such a way that it was hardly noticed. I watched so many people walk by it with seeing it!. It serves to remind me to slow down, even stop and look back occasionally, the view can be even better than the one in front of us!


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