Hola, from Leon Spain, Day 23 Camino; Calgary to Santiago


Autumn on the Meseta, Camino de Santiago

We arrived in Leon late yesterday afternoon, ready for a day off the Camino for some rest and sight-seeing! the temperatures have been considerable cooler this week than the first week or so of our camino

Saint Martin Church Fromista Spain

A few days ago we were in Formats, (Palencia) one of the any stops on the Camino de Santiago, where we had an opportunity to visit the Saint Martin Church, constructed about 1066, which had fallen into disrepair.  Reconstruction and restoration completed in the early 1900’s. The painted frescoes are gone, but he gorgeous Romanesque capitals remain. The floor plan corresponds to the basilica type with three longitudinal naves ending by three apes; there is a beautiful octagonal dome.

Saint Martin Fromista Spain, interior octoganal vaulted dome

The decoration in the church is composed of 309 figures including vegetable, geometric animals and monstrous and human representations. According to information provided by the church that in an effort to teach Christian Doctrine to the people there was no problem in using pagan iconography in the decorations, Ecclesiastics knew that the people were familiar with the fables and legions of these symbolism and this would help the people to understand the scene related to biblical passages.

Saint Martin Church, interior capital, Fromista Spain

Later today we will visit the Leon Cathedral, and the central area of Leon.




9 thoughts on “Hola, from Leon Spain, Day 23 Camino; Calgary to Santiago

  1. Enjoy Leon – it is gorgeous! You may soon catch up to me as I am not that far ahead of you! If you have time, don’t forget the Gaudi Palace in Astorga – I thought it was worth the visit! Also – if you can, avoid Villadangos del Paramo albergue municipal. Quite a few people have gotten bed bug bites – myself included! We think it was the blankets.


    1. thanks Anita, thanks for the heads up on the albergue! bed bugs are the one thing that really scare me about the trip. I have learned from my research, not to take my backpack into the house when I get home. Leave everything, in the garage, and I mean everything! being from Calgary I expect to get freezing temperatures outside before long, apparently the bed bugs can’t survive the freezing temperatures. If it isn’t that cold when you get home, hopefully you can put your bag in a freezer. once the little creatures are in your house they are very hard to get rid of!


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