Foncebadon to Ponderrada, 29 k most of it downhill, and very difficult

Cruz de Ferro_Camino De Santiago Spain 

We started the morning at Foncebadon leaving before sunrise, and arrived at Cruz de Ferro to see the sun come up. That is Bill standing on the on the pile of rocks taking a picture. (The elevation at Cruz de Ferro 1550 meters above sea level.)  There is a very interesting history of the Cruz de Ferro, it started with the Celtics who leave a rock in the mountain pass and ask their god for safe passage. The Romans continued the tradition, leaving a rock to Mercury their god of travel. As the tradition continued with the Christian pilgrims the Church planted a cross at the site to make the tradition more palitable

slate rocks on the path to Molinasec   


shale rocky path to Molinaseca   





Rocky pathway, 17 kilometers downhill from Al Acebo to Molenaseca.














The elevation change between the two town was about 1030 meters of slate and shale rocky pathways, everyone comments on how difficult to the trail was.  We did find a couple of beautiful places to rest. About 1 hr out of Molinaseca, there is a grove of oak trees, it has been reported that pilgrims have been resting under these beautiful trees for over 1000 years. Given the size of trees I would believe they area very old.

Bill resting under the oak tree near Molinaseca Spain




























7 thoughts on “Foncebadon to Ponderrada, 29 k most of it downhill, and very difficult

    1. we will be in Sarria oct 11 and 12, Bill’s son joins us for the final leg of our journey. We won’t make Santiago until the 17th…. so unless you are staying in the area for a few days we will have to catch up in
      some other grand location…….


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