Trabadelo to O Cebreiro Spain, Day 32 of our Camino de Santiago

Path to La Faba Spain, Camino de Santiago

On Day 32 of the Camino, we left Trabadelo about 8:10 light rain falling and still dark. Before long we realized we would need our ponchos. It was warm and muggy, and wearing the poncho was a little like wearing a portable steam bath!  Lucky the rain did not last long, but mist hung in the air, and it continue to be muggy through the day, in fact as we walked and climbed to O Cebreiro we climbed in to the clouds.  One might say that we spent the day with our heads in the clouds!!!! Okay that was corny, it was a great day and give that we had 17.5 k to cover with a 630 meter elevation gain I was happy that it wasn’t 25 C today.

path to La Faba Spain, Camino de Santiago

Part of the walk today was on Tarmac, but a steep rocky climb for the last 9k made just a little more treacherous buy the mist and rain. You can see from the pictures this is an area that sees a lot of rain; everything is green and lush.

La Faba to O Cebreiro Camino de Santiago

I was surprise when we crossed in the Galicia, there is a big stone marker that indicates we have less than 151k left to walk to reach Santiago Spain. My map book puts the distance at 158k, it will be difficult to know which one is right, but it dawned on me today that our journey will soon be over.  Tomorrow we head down the hill, a 650 meter decent, to Triacastela Spain, so I will have a few more stories to tell.

the Galicia Boarder Marker Camino de Santiago

6 thoughts on “Trabadelo to O Cebreiro Spain, Day 32 of our Camino de Santiago

  1. It would have seemed daunting at the start but you and Bill are approaching the last leg and when you reach Santiago the end will be abrupt and I hope the two of you will be able to take a day at the end of the walk to relish your accomplishment. Take care.


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