Day 35, Rest day in Sarria Spain

Sarria_Oct 11, 2012_under the rain cloud

The rain cloud that we spent yesterday under!

cows near Sarria Spain_standing in the rain

Even the cows didn’t seem all that happy to be out in the rain, they just stared at us as we walked by!

mushrooms beside the Camino Path_Sarria Spain

It has been so wet over the last couple of days the mushrooms were popping out of the ground, and lining the Camino Path.

Today we rested, Matt, Bill’s son arrived in Sarria about 7 am this morning after travelling all day, so it is a good time for us to rest. He will be joining Bill and I for the last stage of the camino. Today as Bill rested his ankle Matt and I took a walk around Sarria.  It is a National Holiday here in Spain, so everything, except the bars and cafes are closed, and the streets are very quiet. We did get to visit the Convent of la Magdalena, founded in the 13th century as a pilgrim hospital. Run now by the Mercedarian Fathers it is open for a few hours each day for visitors.  The building has had many updates, and is a mixture of styles, according to the tourist information brochure that we were given at the tourist information office, the building is Romanesque in style with a Gothic Facade. To be honest I am not sure I would know the difference.

Convent of la Magdalen_cloister walls_Sarria Spain
pink cloister rose_Convent of la Magdalena_Sarria Spain 

We are back on the road tomorrow. Less that 120 kilometres to walk to Santiago.





2 thoughts on “Day 35, Rest day in Sarria Spain

  1. To most people 120 kilometres would seem daunting. If you hadn’t already walked as far as you have, you’d feel the same. I’m curious if you feel you would do this type of journey again or if once is enough. You are allowed to change your mind as many times as you see fit. 😀


    1. Hi Reg, I would absolutely do this type of journey again, walking through Spain this way has made me realized that if we had drive from place to place we would have missed so much. There are places that are difficult to get to by car, and when we walk we hear sounds we don’t hear in the car like cow bells, and roosters crowing. we can feel the rain on our face, talk to people and just slow down to savour the sights sounds and fresh air. It has made me realize we spend too much time rushing around. When we first started this trip we were often surprised to hear that some people have been back, year after year, one guy we met yesterday 5 years now! the good news is you don’t have to walk for 6 wks straight, lots of pilgrims walk for a week a year, until they have covered all the miles. it is hard to describe, but it is so calm I think I understand now why people come back. There are so many miles of marked trails through Spain alone, one need not travel the same miles twice!


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