Day 38 on our Camino to Santiago

Rock Bridge, Galicia Spain

We left Palas de Rei just after 8 am, it was still dark, but there was enough light to see where we were going. The sky was cloudy, so it stayed darker longer than we anticipated, and there was no beautiful sunrise.  We had a long day planned and wanted to get out the door early

We have see several of these stone bridges, a place for pilgrims to pass when the creeks fills with water, and I am sure it does during the raining season.

We arrived in Melide around noon, this is about ½ way for the day. Bill’s ankle seemed to beholding up quite well. Melide is famous for the pulpa (octopus) dish and one of the pilgrims we know pointed us in the direction of the most famous restaurant so we could give it a try. The restaurant was quiet when we went in, but given it was lunch time it didn’t take long to fill with pilgrims and locals like.  The pulpa was okay, tasty enough, a little chewy, and obviously very popular.

red flower along the camino

Back on the road again, the clouds had cleared and the sun was shining, about 18 C, it was great for walking. The path in residential areas are lined with flowers and in one place a rosemary shrub ran for about 50 feet, about 2 ½ feet high, it was starting to bloom.

One place I noticed an older farming couple unloading the wagon, beside it with huge wheel barrow of Kale.  We have seen it growing very large garden patches, the plants about 6 feet high, with all but the top few leaves picked. I don’t know anyone who would eat that much Kale, so I am wondering what else it is used for…….

farmers with a wheelbarrow of Kale, Galicia Spain

Today we covered about 32 k, 4 big hills to go up and down, all in the last 8 k, so by the time we arrived at the hotel we were exhausted, and after the shower, and daily laundry we had a nap until dinner, which was at 8 pm.

Two more days to reach Santiago, we plan to walk about 36k over the next two days, so we are hopeful that things will be easier, but as I type this it is raining hard, so I am not sure, well at least it isn’t a cold rain! See you tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Day 38 on our Camino to Santiago

  1. Hello little sister. Well, it looks like the walk has hardened you and Bill up. 36 kilometres! Congratulations. Only 2 more days left in the camino and then its off to Paris to meet up with the girls. Even from this end, it is a truly amazing adventure. To walk is to have the pleasure of actually have all your senses involved in the locations around you. Driving and flying may be fast but we miss so much when we move so fast. Thank you for the posts. See you soon.


  2. I have loved everyone of your updates and pictures. Your descriptions of what you sense on all levels is amazing. Betcha this has changed your perspective on life immensely BUT I still look forward to meeting you guys for dinner or sitting in a coffee shop with you. Travel safe, my friend. 😘


    1. thanks Jan, it is wonderful to hear from you, and such nice words! I am glad you have enjoyed the updates of our travels. walking for so many miles day after day especially in such a lovely place give a person time to enjoy the environment, and to think. We look forward to our return home and to having dinner with you as well. janice


  3. Love the flower picture! And they are probably making Kale chips because they are so delicious I could eat a whole wheel barrow full!! I am counting down the days until we leave to come meet up with you! Love you -Keri


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