day 39 of our camino to Santiago de Compostela

pilgrim with a green rain poncho_camino Santiago de Compostella 

Today we travelled from Arzua to Amenal, about 25k. Today it rained heavily most of the day, and it was a colder today than we have had before, it only reached about 15 C.

When I had been doing my research on the Camino, one of the things I looked at is the weather. Trying to figure out what type of weather we might be subjected to while walking the Camino.  So I have to be honest, my research showed that October temperatures would be mid teens (Celsius).  Average days of rain in September and October were both 10 days.  It is great that we have warmer temperatures than expected for most of the trip and while there have been days of some rain, there have been very few where it has rained all day.

Hopefully the rain will stop for our walk into Santiago Compostela tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is the last day on the Camino.  We will spend a couple of days before flying out.





6 thoughts on “day 39 of our camino to Santiago de Compostela

  1. You’re almost there!!! I can’t believe you’re almost done and you have walked close to 800km!! Nobody else is allowed to complain about sore feet walking around Paris.


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