Day 40, our final day, our final 14k of the Camino

our final day, our final 12k_camino de Santiago

We have read about it, we have talked about it, and we have even dreamed about it.  Yes we are on the doorstep of Santiago de Compostela, this morning we had less than 14k to walk.  Yesterday was wet, we were soggy by the time we arrived at our hotel, and we were hoping for at least a semi-dry day today as we walk. That was not to be. As we left this morning, if was foggy, misty hung in the air, and we had walked less than an hour when the rain started to pour down on us.  We walked the final 10k  in heavy rain. Arriving in the Praza do Obradoiro to the front door of the Cathedral about 1 pm local time, soaked to the bone. Our Gortex waterproof boots were even soggy. We took the picture below and moved onto our hotel to dry out, and find some lunch.

Bill and Jan at the Santiago Cathedral_Praza do Obradoiro

All is not lost, tomorrow and we sleep in and have a relaxing breakfast, we will register our trip with the Peregrino office and visit the Cathedral, and hopefully we will see and be able to visit with others we have met on the camino in better weather.


14 thoughts on “Day 40, our final day, our final 14k of the Camino

  1. Bravo! Life should be an admirable adventure, one worth writing about and sharing. Thank you. Now on to more chapters to be lived and shared.


    1. thanks Reg. I appreciate that others want to share in my adventures by reading my blog, commenting and encouraging us. The last several weeks have been quite a wake up of senses, by slowing down to a walk, rather than running through our day from chore to chore, task to task, it was wonderful. I have a ton of pictures to process when I get home that will help us to keep the story alive.


  2. What a great experience and a fabulous accomplishment for you both. We look forward to seeing your many photos and hearing more of your eye opening experience. Sorry about the rain but there is no controlling that – It could have been Snow. Our CONGRATS to you both.


    1. Hi Chuck and Jean, we have two more days in Santiago de Compostela, and hopefully we get to see it under better conditions than today! it has been an amazing adventure and sharing with family and friends have been great, but we miss everyone! we look forward to seeing both of you soon.


  3. Fantastic journey, thanks for taking us along!
    Many congratulations for completing the ‘Odyssey”, enjoy your relaxation time.
    Any thoughts about walking home from the airport after you arrive back in Calgary? 🙂


    1. two days in Santiago, then we are off to Paris for a week, and I may do some walking there! but no I will not be walking home from the airport when we do arrive in Calgary, although it would be one of our shorter days! see you soon


      1. thanks amanda, I am sure you had a great summer in Paris! we have been there before and it is a lovely city! this time we get to see it with four people who are very special to us! more about that later!


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