Our day at Santiago de Compostella, Spain

fire buring in Santiago

yesterday morning Bill and I headed out to streets of Santiago de Compostela early to see the quiet streets, and watch the city wake up.  I find it is a great time to visit a city.  Not far from our hotel we heard sirens, and before long a fire truck and emergency vehicles were squeezing between the buildings of the old city, coming towards us.  Ducking under the archway and out-of-the-way of the trucks we watched them go by. Not two blocks away the truck stopped, in fact everyone that was on the street stopped to watch.  There was smoke billowing from a basement grate, and the fireman were cutting open the door of the building. I was less that 20 feet away, taking pictures. I could not imagine getting that close a fire scene at home!  Before long the firemen were in the empty building, the fire was out, and there was only steam billowing from the building.

From there we headed over the see the Cathedral in the early morning light.  After registering at the camino office we went inside the Cathedral. Which was full of people wandering around, and getting seated for Mass.  We saw many people  that we had talked to and walked with over the last few weeks. It was great to see everyone had achieved their goal. There was an excitement in the air. During Mass the have a large incense burner, that they swing over the crowd. It was quite exciting to watch.

Santiago Mass

4 thoughts on “Our day at Santiago de Compostella, Spain

  1. Congratulations for your achievement, Janice and Bill. The Cathedral must become very special for you. I guess you should make a travel photo book after you come back.


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