A new day, and new city, Oct 20, 2012 in Paris France

We arrived in Paris late last night, no time for seeing the sights. Today was very much an orientation day, finding our way around, getting some groceries, doing laundry and yes catching up on rest. It wasn’t until late in the afternoon that we took a walk to just wandering near the Seine River, and while it was a little misty at times, the rain was nothing to concern us.

Eiffel tower in the clouds

our first sighting of the Eiffel Tower, the top was just barely visible through the clouds, and while the forecast is for rain tonight, and light rain tomorrow the rest of the week promises to be sunny, we will keep our fingers crossed.

boats on the Seine river, Pont Neuf, Paris France

A view of the Seine River, and Pont Neuf; the river cruises were busy tonight. Late in the season, the tourists’ flock enjoy the view of Paris from the river despite the cool and rainy weather.

a rainy evening in Paris 

The apartment we are renting while visiting Paris is not far from the Louvre, we passed by just after sunset, the city lights were just starting to come on, there were beautiful reflections in the puddles!


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