Street Photography, Paris France

Street Performers_Paris France 

As we walk from place to place, attraction to shopping, we get to see life in Paris. There is so much to see. Great musicians playing for everyones entertainment, and of course a few coins.  The little kids are always fun to watch as they dance to the music, but not great subjects for street photographers or bloggers!

Ink and water color artist_Paris France 

The ink and water colour artist was sitting on the bench beside the Seine River, sketching and watching people go by. two images for $30.00 euro.  I liked his work and this seemed like a more personal keepsake to bring home rather than the usual tourist trinket!

Delivery by bike_Paris France 

Deliveries Paris style, there are a lot of bikes in the city, and with the general lack of parking, volume of vehicles, and traffic congestion, deliveries by bike seems like a good idea. This bike is outfitted with a special container to keep the good safe.

Bike Rentals_Paris France 

For locals and tourists alike, bike rentals, and the rental stands are everywhere.

A view of the Louvre from Musee d’Orsay 

And finally a view of the Louvre from inside the famous Musee d’Orsay’s clock.




7 thoughts on “Street Photography, Paris France

    1. up on the 5th floor at the end closest to the Louvre. There is also a clock in the 5th floor cafe but it is more difficult to get a pictures through all the lamps and people! The Musee d’Orsay is worth a visit.


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