Vierge d’Orisson, and a view of the French Pyrenees Mountains

Vierge d’Orisson_French Pyrenees

More photos from the camino, we arrived at the foot of this small statue, the Vierge d’Orrison, shortly after leaving Orisson, as the sun was just starting to lighten the sky.  It was an amazing sight, as the clouds and fog filled the valleys.  I could find very little information on its history, however it is said that the statue was brought from Lourdes and placed on this high rock by the sheep herders, and to this day they pray to be watched over and for good weather.  Today the pilgrims on their camino stop, many take a few moments in silent prayer, many just take a picture and move on. I climbed the high rock to stand by the statue for this image.

The day was off to a beautiful day and we wondered how any other day would be able to compare. But each day we were up early and most days on the road just before sunrise. I have since come to realize that the beginning of each day is a quiet and beautiful time, that it is possible I have been missing the best part of the day, and I need to get out of the house to witness more sunrises!

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21 thoughts on “Vierge d’Orisson, and a view of the French Pyrenees Mountains

  1. This picture gives me a new meaning to the word peace. The fog rolling down into the valleys is particularly beautiful and makes the picture for me. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.


    1. Hi Jan, the Pyrenees are beautiful, and walking through them was not only beautiful but peaceful. I am glad you enjoyed the journey. I will likely continue to post pictures for a while as I process the images. I love having the photos, it is a great way to transplant myself back there, at least for a few moments.


  2. These images take my breath away.
    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your trip: can I say how generous you are, to share your experience this way?
    Thank you. Enjoying it.


    1. Hi Carol, nice to hear from you, I glad you are enjoying the camino photos and stories. Walking the camino was such a wonderful experience, taking photos and keepping a journal really helped to be more conscous. It was wonderful to have people to share the experience with!


  3. Such a lovely photo. Perhaps because I’ve been a nurse for nearly fifty years, and usually up for 7AM shifts, I love the early part of the day. It’s my favorite time and I am usually high energy then. Sunrises and sunsets, especially in my travels, always inspire me.


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