Leon Cathedral

Leon cathedral

Leon’s Gothic Cathedral, filled with stunning stained glass.  We were told that about 70% of the existing stained glass is original. In the early 1900’s a renovation of the Cathedral almost destroyed this great building. We are glad it is still around to admire. This image was taken with a fish-eye lens.  I was teased for bringing it with me on the 800 kilometre walk, one more thing that really wasn’t needed.  For the few times I used it, I was more than willing to carry it for architectureal photography.


34 thoughts on “Leon Cathedral

    • thanks Stewart, sometimes it is fun to try new tools in a different way. Just as long as we don’t fool ourselves into believing we need just the right tool (usually the one we don’t have) to produce great images!


    • Hi Wanderlust Gene, thanks for visiting and taking time to comment, yes I was quite happy to have had the fisheye lens in my bag when I visited the Leon Cathedral, as well as the other cathedrals along the camino de Santiago de Compostella. it really does provided a different perspective of the building.


    • thanks Loulou, I am glad that people like the images, the Leon Cathedral is a beautiful gothic cathedral, fashioned after Rheimes in France has about 1800 sq meters of stained glass, most of it is original, so it is a beautiful place to photograph. While we were visiting we saw several students drawning the different features inside and I would recommend a visit to everyone.


  1. I read many blogs before and since my trip – your photography lights up any topic you write about – love your pictures. I walked the Norte over five weeks and had to abort the Primitivo as my friend got ill. I continued along the Norte and then to Finisterre. An amazing experience that I am going to find hard to capture in words and my amateur photos. Thanks for getting back to me.


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