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I am a member to a wonderful business network group, everyone there wanted to see some of my images so I did my best to create a slideshow; because I have lots of images, but needed to keep it short (the lenght of the song) the images move quite fast, but if you have been following the blog many of the images have appeared here before with the stories of the day.

The memories are still quite strong, and I am enjoying sorting, processing, keywording my images, re-reading my notes, and re-living the camino, even if I have been spending most of my time in the basement office rather than outside taking new pictures.

I will move onto new subjects shortly…..

I hope you enjoy the slideshow, and the stories; I look forward to your feedback


13 thoughts on “Camino Slideshow

  1. Great video. Love the photos – you have some things that I didn’t see, and loads that made me smile as I remembered all the different stages of the Camino. I think I lucked out on weather – had very few wet days out there! Love the song selection.


    1. Hi Anita, thanks, I smile remembering the trip and all the great places and people, we had great weather as well, just the last couple of days coming into Santiago we wet, and I mean really wet! Always nice to hear from you!


  2. I love the slideshow, love the song you chose! and I was glad to see a couple of shots with you in them, too.
    So much that is amazing. How do you choose from such great images? I’m glad you packed ’em in there for the length of the song, and I know there will be lots more that are just as gorgeous… Now I’m going back to watch it again, pausing occasionally this time…


  3. Well Janice, what a great journey you went on! Superb slide show presentation – I had to smile at your choice of music :-). All the way down El Camino in 3 minutes and 38 seconds. You are a talented photographer and you certainly captured a nice slice of life on your way through it.


    1. Hi Stewart, kind words, thank-you. My knowledge of music is limited, and this seemed like a nature choice, everyone knows at least some of the words! I am glad that you enjoyed the slideshow, and that you think it is a success.


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