Erin: A black and white Portrait


I have been spending quite a bit of time at the computer recently, with all the travel photos. Occasionally I take a break from the processing, organizing and key-wording that has to be done and go back through some of the portraits that were taken this year. It servers as a great reminder to touch base with some of the people I photographed again.

This is a photo of my lovely daughter Erin, we had brunch on Sunday!

Reviewing my previous work also gives me an opportunity to really look at my shooting style; it gives an opportunity to think of things I might have done differently, or photos ideas I can add to the mix for my next portrait session, and it is a nice break for my brain from the current project, of processing travel photos. I am planning to put together a “Picture a Week” notebook with my Camino images, stay-tune for more information on how to obtain your copy.




4 thoughts on “Erin: A black and white Portrait

  1. Regardless how you think about this image when you revisited. I see your gentle and silky tone and soft lighting. Your strong STYLE always apeal to me.


    1. Hi Hiro. Like reviewing our marketing and business plan I think, it is a good idea to review the photographs, seeing images as a group months after they are shot can be revealing, and encouraging. Thanks for the kind and encouraging words.


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