Eagle Feather

Eagle Feather
Eagle Feather

Quite some time ago now I was out walking when I found this lovely eagle feather, I knew immediately that I wanted to create this image. I could picture it in my mind.  Time passed, travels, and other projects became a priority and this lovely feather sat in a basket on the coffee table for many months. Last week I finally took time, made it a  priority and photographed the lovely and delicate feather. Then using Kim Klassen’s texture Phoebe as an overlay I was able to achieve the image I had in my mind the day I picked up the feather.

I don’t use textures a lot in my work, but it is a tool I have explored and worked with on occasion.  Kim Klassen Cafe has workshop, tutorials and above all wonderful textures to work with. Head on over to her site for some inspiration!

I am not sure that I am entirely done with this image, as it is staying with me. It might need some text, or a haiku, I will have to sit with it a while to decide. Let me know what you think


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