Old Boots and the Camino Yellow Arrows

Old Boots and the Camino Yellow Arrow
Old Boots and the Camino Yellow Arrow

The Yellow Arrow is the route maker for the Camino to Santiago de Compostela.  Painted on signs, fences, rocks, and buildings at every corner, we would find a yellow arrow to tell us which direction to take. The Pilgrim wearing these boots had over the years already completed 4 Camino walks. This year was his 5th, and due to health reason, he could only dedicate 2 weeks to his journey. These boots had supported him during all of those miles. I asked about the yellow arrows on his boots and he said: “they were a reminder to always move forward”.

We walked together for a short while, talking about his previous journeys but before long we were headed uphill into the Galicia fog, and I was slowing him down, so he wandered off at his own pace.

Walking to Gallicia
Walking to Galicia

While we walking the Camino to Santiago de Compostela in Spain we soon realized that our hiking boot had been one of the most important purchase. Absolutely one of the most valuable pieces of equipment to undertake the 820 k walk.  Here in Calgary, we went to the Mountain Equipment Co-op to talk to their staff, they were wonderful, informative and patient at getting us the best fit. We seemed to be one of the pilgrims walking that had very few problems with our feet.  If you are planning on going to a long walk, be it in Spain or in the Rocky Mountains I would suggest paying Mountain Equipment Co-op a visit for some advice on great boots.

10 thoughts on “Old Boots and the Camino Yellow Arrows

  1. Wow – 4 times walking the Camino is impressive. I could only imagine the wonderful stories he must have shared. Love his message about always moving forward. It is an important one.


  2. agree totally. No blisters at all in 830 kms and I did a short walk back in Cornwall with an old pair of boots and my little toe was ripped within 3miles. Good boots and socks and a light pack.


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