Love Locks Pont de Arts, Paris France

Love Locks, Pont de Arts, Paris France
Love Locks, Pont de Arts, Paris France

Padlocks inscribed with lover’s names are locked to the bridge of Pont de Arts in Paris France, the key is then thrown into the river to symbolize their everlasting love. The padlocks began to show up on European bridge in the early 2000’s the source or inspiration varies depending on the city.  An increasing trend not only around Europe, but it is spreading around the world.  According to Wikipedia, the first padlock is said to have been locked to a bridge in Serbia before the World War ll over a betrayed love! Just a little ironic don’t you think?

There has been much controversy over the locks, for some it is an eye sore and considered a distraction from the heritage.  To others a romantic symbol of everlasting love in one of the most romantic cities in the world. The Pont de Arts Bridge in Paris France has this wire mess much like a chain link fence. From a distance the brass locks looking like shimmering brass leaves.  Up close we could see the locks that come in many shapes and sizes, some sold by the vendors just steps away, and inscribed with a permanent marker, while others are likely brought somewhere else and inscribed with an engraver.

We first encountered the locks in Florence Italy a couple of years ago, another wonderfully romantic city. Where have you seen them?

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7 thoughts on “Love Locks Pont de Arts, Paris France

  1. I am a fan of the love locks! I love wandering the rows and rows, looking at the engravings and messages. Such a simple symbol – but the meaning behind them I love. I have not yet seen them in Florence, but managed to see the locks in Rome before they were removed by the city! Dubrovnik has also embraced the locks with a spectacular vantage point high above the cliffs. Hope to continue to see more…


      1. I have heard that. I have a lock and hope to find a place for it. Did you also notice a small start to a love locks collection on the bridge in Logrono as you walked the Camino? It was small and easy to miss….I wonder if it will get bigger as time passes.


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