Foothills Orchid Society – Cypripedioideae – pink lady’s slipper orchid

pink lady's-slipper orchid
pink lady’s-slipper orchid 

As part of my Explore Calgary Project, I want to visit activities and events happening around Calgary. The Foothills Orchid Society holds an annual show at the Triwood Community Center, sometime in May.  On display are beautiful and show the dedication members have to their plants. Last year I went early Sunday morning, just as the doors were opening, so it wasn’t too busy. If you are planning on taking pictures, be aware of the other guest to the show, try not to take up too much space or stay in one place too long. Use either off camera or diffused flash to prevent harsh shadows.

The Triwood Community Center is holding their winter festival February 17, 2012: skating, winter games, campfire, definitely something else to add to my calendar for my explore Calgary Project.

12 thoughts on “Foothills Orchid Society – Cypripedioideae – pink lady’s slipper orchid

  1. Beautiful photo (and subject); I’m hoping to finally get to the orchid show this year (I’ve been meaning to go forever!). Thanks for the tip about the Triwood Winter Festival, might have to check that out! 🙂


  2. Gorgeous! If you are ever down in Branson, MO visit College of the Ozarks greenhouses. They have one of the largest collections of rare lady slippers in the USA. I loved working there, especially during Jan/Feb!!!


    1. Hi Jen, thanks for visiting the blog and for taking time to comment. I have never been to MIssouri, but you can bet that if I do get there I will be coming for a visit! I just checked out the official webiste for the city and it looks like a great place to visit. thanks for the tip, so glad you like the photo. I do have others from the show that I will be posting at a later date!


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