Anna: Business Headshot, Dark Background

Anna: Business Portrait
Anna: Business Portrait

Another great photo from the Photo Session with Anna.  Today I wanted to show you the traditional vertical format on black background. I love her smile, so I think it is true, you can smile in a business portrait headshot and still look professional!

When we do Professional Head Shots, or Portraits we do try to capture more than one expression, and work with more than one background. It is important that we provide you several options for you web pages and printed material without having to come back when you have a new design idea or change in format on your web pages. Although I do believe it is important to update your business portrait every year or so. Those style changes in your hair, clothing and accessories are more noticeable to others than they might be to you

Ann: white background horizontal format, non traditional business headshot; let me know if you think you could use a new business portrait.


4 thoughts on “Anna: Business Headshot, Dark Background

    1. Hi Suzi, thanks for taking time to comment. The traditional format works well, and is as you say required only because so many webpages and business cards are designed that way. But for many who may have more imput into the design of their webpages and printed material I think the horizontal format is one that would benifit many, largely because it is unexpected, and as you say “stunning” but I can only take part of the credit. Anna amazing, adding much to the image. Thanks so much for the feedback Suzi, it is appreciated.


  1. This is another great shot. Have you tried Photoshopping the white background on the horizontal shot to black? I think the scarf on the horizontal would also make the “Anna on a dark background” really rock!! 🙂


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