The In-Between Moments

a little love'n from Sophie
a little love’n from Sophie

It is always good to have the camera ready for those in-between moments!

To be honest Sophie was really ready to sit and have her picture taken, so we did a little playing around, and I asked her to give her dad a kiss on the cheek. The Square format eliminates the background, giving us a less distracting image.  While black and white, gives even more emphasis on the faces, and the little kiss even further.

Hopefully this is one photo that father and daughter, will cherish for a long time.

my photoheart connection for january


8 thoughts on “The In-Between Moments

  1. I like your processing, B&W, squire format and composition,…actually great composition. Nice mood from this image. I want to see higher resolution.


    1. Hi Hiro, glad you like it – I keep the image size small and resolution low for the blog – it loads better that way! but next time you are over I will show you the full size one! Sophie is a cutie!


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