James Short Cupola: Explore Calgary Series

James Short Cupola
James Short Cupola 

I love old architecture, and in Calgary this is about as old as it gets!  The cupola has a long history and you can read all about it on the Waymarking pages. It sits in the south-east corner of the James Short parade, there is a beautiful park to sit an enjoy the sun.  I love the way the old building is framed by the new glass and steel buildings around it, give its age and grandeur more significance.

I am enjoying my time walking around Calgary! If you have a special place in Calgary that you would like me to visit, let me know.



8 thoughts on “James Short Cupola: Explore Calgary Series

  1. Hi Janice,
    That is a beautiful work of architecture. That’s great that you’re enjoying the walking in Calgary, especially in the winter.
    I toured Reader’s Garden this past summer for the first time, it’s considered a historical site in Calgary. I wonder what it looks like in the winter, there may be a few interesting pictures. If you have time (not today because it’s freezing out) visit the charming rock gardens.


  2. Love the angle you used to capture the cupola. And some ideas…
    Lougheed house; Devenish block; (meet you at Beano!) Grace presbyterian at night with the light shining out of the stained glass windows; sandstone schools (and the quarry @ edworthy, where the sandstone came from)… I agree about the Reader gardens. The stairs throughout give such an interesting structure! good bones are, I’ve read, the basis for any good garden.
    Centre St. bridge. The tangled skein of roads at Crowchild and (I think 10th avenue?) from below, down by Westside Window. More of the Chinook Centre Merry-go-round. (I never get tired of that!)
    Near Victoria Park Community hall: that sort of a ruin there. The old Calgary Brewery in Inglewood. The old firehall downtown. The scout hall over by Capital hill community centre: or the maritime association building down in Hillhurst. (Umm, is this list a bit excessive? It’s a wishlist, not a shopping list!) -CSB


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