Dr James Truong, ND – Business Portrait

Dr. James Truong ND
Dr. James Truong ND

A licensed doctor of naturopathic medicine, Dr. James works to understand each person’s health so he can provide the best method of naturolpathic modality of treatment. He is very good at educating his clients, helping them to understand and achieve their health goals. Okay, that is basically off his website, and what he wants you to know about him!

I first met Dr. James through the Rocky Mountain Thunder Chapter of Business Networking International. Breakfast meetings are thursday morning 7am at the Blackfoot Inn. Everyone was raving about Dr. James and how he had helped them feel better. Naturopathic medicine has always intrigued me, and I was having trouble sleeping, so I asked “can you help my husband stop his snoring?”

Some three weeks later I am happy to tell you there has been a big improvement in my sleep! Thanks Dr. James. See more images from our portrait session.

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