Grandpa’s Car; Old Photos bring back Memories

Grandpa's Car
Grandpa’s Car

A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime. author unknown

Grandpa’s car was eventually parked up behind the old farm-house. It was no longer drivable, but I do remember driving it, and Grandpa home from town on the occasional Saturday night when he had been in town a little too long. It was our time to visit, and lots of time he sang to me was we drove down the dirt road to the farm. He wanted me to sing with him, and I eventually learned the chorus of some of his old wartime songs!

As the quote above states, memories can last a lifetime, and photos like this brings those memories back to mind, and bring a smile to my face.  Photos are a great tool for awakening our memories and bringing a smile to our face, and I love to go  back through old photos for those smiles.

This image was copied from an old slide, then color enhanced with photoshop and a blur layer added. I have always like the photo because of it’s memories, but it did have some  problems.  After reading about artistic blue on Kateyestudio I thought I would dig it out and give it another try.  I am happy with these results: I like the deep color of the car and grass, the blur around the trees and edges, it is as if the wind is blow by the movement in contrast to the car.

Let me know what you think.


7 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Car; Old Photos bring back Memories

  1. “The term nostalgia describes a sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations” Wikipedia. The older I get, the more nostalgic I get. Is this OK? Or does it mean that I’m not with it? I seem to have joined the ranks of “old people” who live in the past :-). Perhaps the past is more comfortable than the present!


    1. Hi Stewart, it is a good thing that the past is comfortable, and I believe you can be thankful that you have those memories. Those beautiful moments that occur just yesterday or last week just need some time to age and soften around the edges so they too can be part of the happy place you go to when you are really really old! like good wine, soaking it up the day after just isn’t the same as two or 10 years later 20 years later. memories are good, don’t forget to make some great ones today for tomorrow.


  2. Very nice processing! The blur you added really enhances the nostalgic, dreamlike feel of the photo. I have many old slides and photos I’d like to digitize. I’ll bet something like this would work well for some of them.


    1. Hi Seabluelee, I am sure you are right, scan the negatives and see what you come up with! let me know how it goes. thanks for visiting and taking time to comment. It is always nice to hear from people, and I am glad you like the results.


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