Guy Cooley; Calgary Realtor and Member of BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder

Guy Cooley - Realtor and member of BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder

Guy Cooley – Realtor and BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder Member

I met Guy Cooley, at the BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder meeting.  A family man, and top producing realtor with Keller Williams Realty Inc, since 2005.  He is dedicated to his clients, he dedicated his time to learning everything he can about the Calgary Real Estate Market, and being up todate regarding current trends. He motto: “moving one family at a time” he knows that being a realtor is more about the family and their needs that it is about the property.

Guy was a joy to work with when doing his business portrait, we had a great time chatting as we worked, learning a little more about him and his family, as well as the important role they play in his life and the choices he makes.

If you are in the Calgary area and need a realtor I would highly recommend Guy. check out his facebook page, and for more images from our portrait session, check out the gallery of images.


2 thoughts on “Guy Cooley; Calgary Realtor and Member of BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder

  1. I REALLY LIKE THIS PIC!!!!! That is a very flattering photo of the young man. His personality shines through and I feel he would be genuine with his clients Janice. Good job and great photo! _____


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