Richard Pouliln, Home Renovator; Calgary Business Portraits

Richard Pouliln - Home Renovator
Richard Poulin – Home Renovator

Richard Poulin, is a Home Renovator who has been running his own business for almost 20 years. I met Richard through the BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder meetings.  He like a lot of people who have been running their own business for a number of years, has always relied on  referrals for his business. Letting his work and his clients speak for him. In today’s market referrals are much more important.  BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder is becoming an important part of that referral business

Today’s market is changing, as consumers do a lot of research on the internet searching for the businesses and services we need. While we are doing that we check what other consumers are saying about the business. As a business owner, we are told that we need to have a web presence. Like any first meeting we have about 10 seconds for people to have a look and decide if they want to do business with us, your business portrait, and your business web pages must communicate effectively. Mr. Poulin is working on his web presence and wanted a portrait for his business cards and website.

Business Portraits are not and should not be all standard, they should be personal. Yes, there are corporate headshots that  the company’s want for their employees that are all the same and fit the template designed by the web designer.  And of course there is Linkin and Facebook, they have standard sizes for your portfolio shots. It is because of this that you need to find a way for your portrait to connect with people.

Richard tells me his is a simple man, married to the same lovely woman for 33 years.  He is the proud father of 4, and a grandfather to  3 kids.

Richard has been in construction all of his life, he told me is biggest sense of accomplishment on the job site coms when the customer is thrilled with the completed project.  From kitchens to bathrooms to basement developments his goal is to complete project one time and on budget, giving his clients room that they love to walk into. Helping to make a house a home!


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