Merry go Round and Carousel Ponies; Saratoga Springs New York

Saratoga Springs Carousel Pony
Saratoga Springs Carousel Pony 

I love to watch the merry-go-round, the ponies painted so beautifully.  The kids riding them with smiles on their faces, parents and grandparents who never fail to wave each and every time the child goes by, smiling back and enjoying the moment.

It’s Monday and I hope you are enjoying your own version of the work/life merry-go-round, that someone is standing on the sidelines for you, smiling and waving each time you go by, cheering you on, and enjoying the moment.  I truly hope that it is a merry-go-round that you are on, not a treadmill.   Play the music loud, smile at those you around you and enjoy the moment.




6 thoughts on “Merry go Round and Carousel Ponies; Saratoga Springs New York

    1. the pony was actually photographed through glass, I should say really dirty glass, with the sunlight coming from behind and just to the left so very little post processing done on this one.


  1. Hi Janice! I just received a beautiful postcard of the Canadian prairie from you via the Liberate Art swap. Your postcard photo is filled with beautiful movement as is this photo today! Love it! I also love the message in your post…it reminds me of the Joni Mitchell song The Circle Game.

    Thank you for the card! It has been fun receiving mail from all over the world.



    1. thanks Gail, so glad to hear from you. I love the idea of the postcard swap. I am glad you like the image and that it reminded you of such a wonderful song. I have received one card, and looking forward to more! stay in touch.


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