McDougall Church, Cochrane Alberta

McDougall United Chruch, and Museum,  Morley Alberta
McDougall Church, Cochrane Alberta

Almost every photographer I know has a picture of this tiny Methodist church that sits just west of Cochrane Alberta, just off highway 1A on your way to Banff.  If you are driving to Banff National Park and want to visit the historic site you have to take highway 1A, the slow and scenic route, it is our favourite way to travel.

The day we visited the storm clouds were looming above, gathering for what later turned out to be quite the snow storm, there was just enough light breaking through the clouds and along the horizon for a dramatic images. Light was reflecting off the snow around the church giving it enough light to show detail in the siding, and the wind howling across the prairies.  Not a great day for walking, but a great day for pictures.

Blogging has been rather hit and miss lately, but I am trying to get back to blogging regularly, wish me luck!


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