Richard Dansesreau, LAD’S Auto; Calgary Business Portraits

Richard Dansereau, Ladd's Auto, Calgary Business Portaits
  Richard Dansereau, Lad’s Auto, Calgary Business portraits

One of the great things about being a member of the BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder is the 7 am meetings, okay, that isn’t the best part!  The best part of being a member is the people I have met. One of those great people is Richard Dansesreau, of Lad’s Auto, who is currently the President of our chapter.  Dedicated to building the chapter with people who believe in the giver’s gain philosophy he is works hard to keep the meetings organized and on track; starting on time, finishing on time, and getting all the business done.

I have had my vehicle to Lad’s Auto, and I was impressed with the service. The service techs at the front desk are friendly, helpful and answered all my questions, the shop was so clean you could eat off the floor.  They are licensed and authorized to perform regular scheduled maintenance on all new vehicles, and will identify all warranty work that need to be done.

It was great getting the opportunity to have Richard in the Studio, it gave us a chance to chat, and I learned that Richard is married, has two kids, coaches hockey, and sits on the advisory board at SAIT for the automotive program.  He is one busy man!

Trust Richard with your automobile, call me if you need business Portraits!


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